Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eliminating the Failure

Got a good workout in the garden this weekend. One thing was glaring at me, though...the tomatoes.

Or should I say the tomato plants. 

You see, it started like this. Last year, I bought those two heirloom beauties you see at the top of the page. Grown near me, I wanted some too. When I made salsa with them last year, I harvested the seeds.

Planting at the end of the cold spells, I got some good looking seedlings.

A couple of months later, I thinned it out to two of the best looking plants and got flowers.

Now, a little over six months later, I've still got two good-looking plants but have not see one fruit in that entire time. Nothing, not even a little, tiny orb.

Time's up...I'm giving them the ultimate punishment, uprooting.  I'll go by a local nursery when I get a chance to see if they have some 3 or 5 inch pots of seedlings to replace them with and hope I get some sort of tomato harvest this year.

At least the green waste bin is getting a workout this week.


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