Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hot August Harvests

Harvest season is in full swing here at Cheapskate Farms. 

Today, I'm concentrating on our chile peppers. Those are our two Serrano plants at the top.

This is our unknown, but much hotter, variety next to the played-out cornfield.

With a pair of gardening gloves, it's a snap to pinch them off of the plants.

Here's today's harvest with the Serrano on the right, the unknown variety on the left, and a couple of clusters of grapes from our vine.

Coming up will be Bell peppers, just about my favorite thing to grow...

...the soon-to-be spectacular looking Dragon Fruit...

...and the onions are ready too.

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All Rights Reserved


  1. What a grand and spicy harvest! I would be putting serranos in everything1

  2. Thanks, Anastasia. I pretty much do. I make salsa, mostly, put chopped fresh peppers on roasted potatoes and vegetable. The leftover chiles, we're sun drying and storing for the off-season.