Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dancing with the Green Fairy in Milwaukee

Today, I'm going to sent you over to for my latest published article, Up from the River...Seeing Milwaukee from Its Waterfront Pubs.


Here's the intro...

"The Trocadero sits on a quiet corner facing the river on the east bank. It’s a sunny day, so their flowery patio is completely full. We make our way into the uncrowded bar, where my wife will try her first absinthe.

Distilled south of downtown at the Great Lakes Distillery, this all-American version is a strong, licorice flavored kickstart to the day. I have my standby of Cazadores reposado tequila while my son stays sober with a Coke.

It’s the city that beer made famous, so it’s not surprising that Milwaukee has 101 ways to keep sobriety away..."