Sunday, April 12, 2020


A first for the Cocktail Hour today...our first frozen drink! 

When one goes on a tropical beach vacation, one gets a tropical drink - probably frozen and preferably blue for some reason.

Watch the video!

Today's recipe fits that bill. It's a drink that we found on our recent trip to the Dominican Republic and seems to be a specialty of the Riu chain of hotels.  It's called the Blue Coral.

On arrival back home, we decided to see if we could make this drink. No recipe book or online site had a recipe, so we had to wing it. I think we got it.

Watch the video above to see our attempt. It's almost a blooper reel...pretty amazing we were able to complete this with everything going wrong around us during the shoot.

Here's the recipe...

INGREDIENTS (two drinks)

2 oz. dark rum
1.5 oz. blue curacao
3 oz. coconut syrup
juice of 2 small limes

In a blender 1/3 full of ice, pour all ingredients. Blend on high until frothy. Serve in an old fashioned glass.



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