Friday, September 9, 2022

Traveling in 2022? The Era of The Road Trip...

Lost luggage, delays, missed flights, canceled flights, security delays…what used to be rare is now very common in air travel. With this in mind, we’re avoiding airports and planes for awhile and will be focusing more on destinations we can drive to.

2022 is the Era of the Road Trip for the Musick family.

Earlier this year, we spent a few days at one of our favorite beach towns,
Morro Bay, in Central California. It was a nice getaway and helped to get some of these pandemic-induced travel cobwebs cleaned out as we hiked oceanside trails and ate some great food.

While we love Morro Bay, it would also be nice to stretch our legs and get to someplace we’ve never been, so we make a Basque-themed trip through the wide open deserts of Northern Nevada.    

Elko is a nice town that served as a railroad hub for the area. We had some great Basque food and got in some steps with a pub crawl while we were there.

Winnemucca turned out to have one of the best Basque restaurants we’ve ever been too, and we’ve been to a lot. Plus, we actually came out slightly ahead at the casino there, although we had to walk out of our original hotel when the accessible room was anything but.

While we were in the area, it wasn’t too hard to make a turn north and spend a few days in Boise, Idaho. Another pub crawl and a visit to the blue football field of Boise State University were a lot of fun.

Next up will be two trips…one for my wife’s birthday and another for my birthday pick.

My wife has chosen Trinidad, way up on the northern coast of California for her birthday pick. It’s about a 6 hour drive from home.

I’m choosing a destination that’s a short 4 hour drive, McCloud, which is a tiny town in the shadow of the massive Mount Shasta.

They may be a long drive but it won’t be near as bad as flying is these days. Stay tuned for that.

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