Monday, September 12, 2022

North Coast Explorations: Trinidad, California

I've been exploring this state for over 6 decades and, yet, there are still wide swaths I have yet to see. I may have been up this way when I was a child but, if I was, I don't remember. As far as I know, Trees of Mystery...near the farthest I've been up the northern California coast.

At the request of my wife, we're going to be spending three nights in Trinidad, about 30 miles north of Eureka, and seeing what this area is like.

It's a six and a half hour drive from our home. We'll stop along the way in the Colusa County town of Williams to have lunch at Granzella's and gas up the Love's truck stop here to get the cheapest gas before heading over to the coast where the fuel costs will increase considerably.

I was told they close the office at our inn at 6pm so I push as hard as I legally can and arrive at 5:59. They actually go home around 7:30 so I could have taken it a little easier.

The View Crest Lodge is actually five miles north of downtown Trinidad...a small city of just a bit over 300 souls...and sits just across the street from the beaches of the Pacific.

We have a nice, clean, and a bit spartan two room cabin. A queen size (my wife calls BS and says it's full size) bed sit's in its own small room. This room is not really considered wheelchair accessible.

The living room, however, is much roomier and has another queen size bed (this one does meet my wife's approval). A ramp leads to the deck and the back door of the cabin, giving access from the assigned parking spot. 

There's a large bathroom with a bathtub with bars. It'll be a bit of a challenge but I can get Tim on the fold down bench for a wash.

The room also includes a full kitchen with utensils. I'll make use of this to cook breakfast which will help with this trip's finances.

A cozy living area completes the setup with a large TV that is limited to whatever we can get with the Tubi channel on the hotel's sometimes spotty wifi.

There is no dresser so we'll have to live out of the suitcase. We drop it in the bedroom and head into town for dinner.

In the morning, I get into the groceries I'd brought along for cooking breakfast. I had planned on making chorizo and eggs but packed some Italian sausage instead by mistake. Oh well, improvise...I cook it the same way and we have sausage and egg breakfast burritos instead.

It's a cool morning but devoid of the fog that usually hugs this coast in the mornings. It makes for a nice time to sit on the deck, hot cup of coffee in hand, and listen to the sea lions bark on the ocean rocks across the street.

I take a little walk around the property and the area surrounding to just soak up the views, reveling in the cool air, while my wife and Tim get ready for a day out.

We're going to spend the day in downtown Trinidad and go for a little hike there. That's coming up in the next report.

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