Sunday, July 26, 2020

THE COCKTAIL HOUR: German Beer Tasting at the Phoenix Club - Anaheim, California

It's a rainy day here in Southern California as we try to decide where to go for dinner. The main feature we're looking for today is where we can go without getting too wet. We settle on The Phoenix Club...a private German heritage club in Anaheim which has a restaurant and bar open to the public...because I can unload Tim and Letty under the door at the portico entrance to their ballroom before parking the van.

Tim and I decide it's the perfect place to also do a German beer tasting for our Cocktail Hour fans. 

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Upon arrival, we see hordes of inebriated people streaming out of the club's large biergarten (behind the main club) and a small traffic jam of Uber and Lyft vehicles lining up to pick up their passengers. We'll find out in a few minutes that the party in the back is the Orange County Beer Festival and it just least the festival goers are being conscientious about drinking and driving.

Other than a few leftover people from the festival making things pretty festive in the Bierstube Pub, we have no issues getting in and grabbing a table so as we wait for our food to be cooked, we have a mini beer festival of our own tasting the following five German beers:

Spaten Lager - a very lightweight, refreshing lager from the large brewery in Munich.

Benediktiner Oktoberfest - smooth, slight syrupy marzen style beer.

Erdinger Dark - a deceptively smooth and tasty dark beer with no mustiness or heavy bitterness associated with a lot of dark beers.

Erdinger Hefeweizen - an extremely light and weak tasting hef beer.

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen - a very fruity and smooth hef, tastes like orange juice.

Tim is picking the dark as his favorite beer. Me too, to be truthful,but the Oktoberfest is just as good and it's on happy hour pricing while we're here so I'll go with that for my dinner pint.

It washes down this pork schnitzel Cordon Blue very nicely...

...or perhaps you'd enjoy the jagerschnitzel better?

Tim's just fine with his currywurst, though.


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