Thursday, February 4, 2016

D-DAY: The Spatter Specialist

An ongoing look a life as a type II diabetic...

Today is a blood profile day. That means readings throughout the day to gauge how the glucose levels in my blood fluctuate at different times and to see where it spikes and dips, which can point to flaws in the diet during those times that needs to be addressed.

First, a little preparation.  Since I don't get an unlimited supply of lancets and test strips, that means no tests for a couple of days before or after so I can have enough to do this day...a minimum of six tests, one before and after each meal.

Second, have a napkin around at all times or else the spatter will look like the set of Dexter. Well, not quite, but it's going to get bloody in here.

So, with preparations in place, off we go...

First test is my fasting from the night before and pre-breakfast test...150.  That's right at the top of the range and is thanks to a phenomenon knows as the Somogyi Effect

Diabetics can be frustrated that after fasting all night, their morning reading is higher than their bedtime reading.  This is because the liver, sensing that there is a drop in blood sugar over an extended time, will release more to replenish the system (it's also called a Liver Dump. The Somogyi Effect is named after the researcher, Dr. Michael Somogyi, who identified it.

As long as my morning reading is within range and doesn't spike to, let's say 200, I'm not going to sweat it.

Breakfast is a bacon (1/4 slice, chopped up) and cheese omelet with 8 ounces of 1% milk which works out to 17 grams of carbs; 13 fat, and 25 protein.

The next test comes two hours after breakfast.  OK, another poke, more blood, and...112! Great number and usually the case with breakfast. My liver realizes it's not going to die and lets my blood sugar drop back down to a reasonable level. (see pic above)

In between breakfast and lunch, I go for a walk. My diabetic education nurse says a half hour walk can lower your blood sugar by 40 points. I can't find that exact number but many studies have shown that a walk can lower your blood sugar and A1c readings. Still, without any ingestion of food or liquid, my reading goes up 4 to 116.

So much for walking lowering the reading but it's still healthy and I'm sure it will help in the long run

Lunch is a bit more elaborate than the previous meal. A slice of last night's meatloaf with 1/4 cup of roasted potatoes, a few roasted cauliflower bites, and three pieces of fruit (apple, banana, and orange).  Two hours later the reading is 132. That's a great reading...a big, filling lunch only raised it by 16 points.

Dinner, after a quick reading of 107,  is a salad I've been meaning to try, a spring mix topped with some chopped ham and shredded cheese. I got some super fresh and premium olive oil from a ranch we visited last week so I'm making my own oil and vinegar dressing with that and some balsamic from Costco. I also cook a scrambled egg and have a glass of milk.

Post dinner reading is 140, a 33 point gain which I will take any day.

A glass of milk, some jerky and cheese for my after Jeopardy snack and my bedtime reading is 142.

This is how those readings work into a blood profile for the day. As long as that line doesn't go over the top, I'm good. If it does, as long as it comes right back down, I should be OK, too.

I'm able to stay in the zone quite comfortably today. True, I have to pass on the cupcakes and donuts my colleagues brought in but I still feel that I got enough food that was tasty and satisfying. I started the day right up against the upper limit of that zone, dipped down towards the bottom, and came back up towards the end.

My fingers are like pin cushions by the end of the day but these occasional blood profile days are very educational to see just how the food I take in affects the sugar in my blood. I will be playing with that mix on upcoming blood profile days to see where I can push it a little (afternoon seems to have room for just a little indulgence) and where I need to take a step back.

By the way, the next morning, my fasting reading was 141.

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