Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Travel Tunes - Week 15

As I was doing my taxes last weekend, my mind wandered to Willie Nelson. 
Is there a more joyous travel tune then Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again?"  I don't know, but I can't think of any right now.

More of a song about the joy he feels about touring...not's still a rousing number and has popped into my head many times during the countdown to a trip.

In 1980, Nelson was the star of the move Honeysuckle Rose in which he played a country & western musician.  I know, it must have really stretched his acting abilities...

Anyway, the producer, Sydney Pollack needed a song to go with the movie and asked Nelson if he could write one.  "On the Road Again" is that song which went on to become Nelson's biggest selling single of his career.

The video below is from a tribute to Nelson at the Wiltern Theater here in L.A.  Enjoy.


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