Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gear: Wine and Beer

Some Amazon links to items you might find useful for your wine and beer activities (proceeds go to Tim's job search)...
I tried this once at the Wine of the Month Club.  It's easy to use and an instant decanter for your wine.
We use this for times when we don't want to drink an entire bottle of wine.  It sucks out all of the air and keeps your wine fresh and drinkable.  Also allows the bottles to be stored sideways without leakage.
If you've eyed those Heineken mini kegs at the store and wish you had a tap to go with them, here you go.  Only works with Heineken though. 
Maybe you want to make your own?  We've done it a couple of times.  It's fun, but also time consuming and it takes up a lot of room if you don't have much.

And, finally, if you just want a good source for great wine at great prices, here's a link I really believe in...and, no, I don't get any commission for it but if you tell them Darryl Musick sent you, I might get some free wine pourers...
Paul Kalemkiarian's Wine of the Month Club is the place to get wine.  From their monthly picks to everyday bargains, you can't beat it.  Especially nice is that Paul and his staff are not wine snobs...they'll work with you to find the perfect wine at the perfect price.


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