Wednesday, June 23, 2021


While we know we'll never be completely self-sustaining, I make an effort to grow as much of our food as we can. So what's growing in the garden this year? 

We'll start with the nectarines (at the top of the post) that are ripening just in time for the start of summer. I planted this tree, a supposedly semi-dwarf that is already over 15 feet tall, just after we moved here a little over two years ago. This is the first year I'm going to have a crop from it.

I planted that tree as a bare-root in winter, like I do with my roses. Another one that I planted like that is this apple tree, a Jonathan variety, over this last winter. It took over two months to sprout and I thought I'd lost it but now it's growing vigorously. There won't be any fruit this year but maybe a year from this fall I can be celebrating my first harvest.

Last year, I planted this pomegranate tree for my wife. It looks like we'll be a meager crop this year but as it gets more established, we should be getiing a lot more.

Not in my yard but my next door neighbor has three plum trees that hang over my back driveway.

They're just coming into their ripeness and we'll have hundreds of small plums, soon. The first two trees to ripen have some tartness to them while the last tree to ripen has very sweet fruit.

My neighbor also plants cherry tomatoes along our fence line. It produces thousands of sweet, little fruit and I get to pick the ones the hang over.

I also potted a volunteer from last year's crop into a hanging pot. 

t's also already showing fruit.

I'm growing a dark purple heirloom tomato plant and this red variety. It's looking a little stressed sitting in our hundred degree plus heat today so I'm moving it to a slightly shadier spot next to our hydrangeas where it can keep more of the water it gets.

My neighbor gave my wife a poblano chile seedling. I put it in a pot where it's growing into a nice sized plant with peppers already hanging from it. We have it on the porch next to some mint.

Out back, we also have this basil plant that comes in handy when we make pasta or pizza.

Near that is this zucchini plant that I grew from seed. This, the tomatoes, the basil, some salt, pepper, and a little olive oil will make some great side dishes this summer.

Oh, I also had a shallot that spent too much time in the fridge and sprouted. It's going in by the zucchini so I can see if I can get more.

Back out front, I have two grapevines growing along our picket fence. This is a red seedless variety.

This other one is a green seedless variety. They are both growing towards each other and when they reach the front gate, I'll build an arbor for them to arch over it.

It looks like we'll not only have plenty for ourselves but enough to share with our neighbors, too.

It's nice to have fruit all summer but winter sees another side of the garden. I grow three dwarf citrus trees. It looks like I'll get my first crop of tangelos this year but the cara cara orange might have to wait another year.

Our three foot tall Meyer lemon tree is already putting out hundreds of fruit each year.

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