Monday, December 2, 2019

Heading Home from Nova Scotia

It's been a fun and eventful couple of weeks checking out history, natural phenomena, and even riding out a hurricane in Halifax, Nova Scotia but now it's time to make the long flight home.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from California so we have to change planes in Calgary before getting our last flight back to San Francisco. In between, we have a 16 hour, overnight layover.

To make things easier for us, I book a suite at the Delta Hotel, located in the terminal of the Calgary airport.

It's not an accessible room but Tim's wheelchair will fit in and, really, we're just looking for some comfortable beds to spend the night in before catching our connecting flight in the morning.

Calgary is a big airport. Lots and lots of walking here and it's not always easy to tell the domestic checkin from the internations. The U.S. has its own departure hall on concourse E.

This is because U.S. Customs and passport control are here in Calgary, processing you before you board, so when you get home you can just collect your luggage and leave. It's kind of a neat system, saving you a lot of time when all you want to do is just go home.

The flights are uneventful but we were delayed an extra two hours in Calgary. It sure was nice to get home.

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