Friday, November 26, 2021

Day Trippin' on the Day After

After burning a day of doing nothing but sitting in our hotel room yesterday, courtesy of Hurricane Dorian, we're back at again today. Looking at the weather, you'd never know a big storm blew through the day before but looking on the ground, there's a lot of evidence looking at all the dark shops and torn out trees.

Still, it's a beautiful sunny day and there's really nothing to do in our neighborhood. Let's take a drive.

Letty wants to see a quaint Atlantic fishing village. Her pick is Lunenburg, about a two hour drive out of Halifax. I'm wanting to go a little closer to Peggy's Cove, about half that distance.

Of course, we're going to Lunenburg.

The signals are all out in Halifax so it's a bit slow going until we get to the freeway, then it's a quick cruise. Tim has a loose bolt on his wheelchair and the toolkit we carry along with us doesn't have the right wrench for it so I swing off halfway down to stop at a hardware store.

Of course, it's closed because there is no power. I'm thinking this is going to be a quick trip to Lunenburg if there's no power there.

Hurricane Dorian actually made landfall a bit north of Lunenburg, sparing it the full force of the storm. Still, we pass plenty of downed trees. Some block over half of the road with no emergency personnel or signs of any kind. We can see where this might be a problem if traffic will be coming in both directions.

We also see dozens of dead porcupines on the roads. We don't know if this is a regular thing in Nova Scotia or maybe storm related.

Exiting at highway 3, we wind through Mader's Cove...another postcard perfect Atlantic village...where we see a huge, uprooted tree laying across someone's house. Eventually, we end up in Lunenburg where we find a nice, handicapped parking spot right in the middle of downtown.

It's a hilly little town and we climb up to the top of the hill on King Street from which we can wander downhill through the shops and restaurants on the way to the waterfront.

About half of the businesses here are still without power but enough is open so it doesn't feel like a wasted trip.

A friend of ours recommended we stop by Ironworks Distillery at the end of town. We walk over and, even though they have power and a few people are inside, they're taking the opportunity of the storm to have a day off and are closed to the public.

We continue to the waterfront, take in the views, and talk to a few shop owners.  A cemetery at the other end of town makes a good spot to look at the gravestones and take a few pictures.

Here's one where a tree grows through two tombstones.

Finishing the day with a forgettable lunch at Big Red's, we stop at a hardware store on the way out of town that and with power to get the wrench we needed for Tim's chair.

It's a slow, scenic drive along the coast on the way back as we decided to drive through Peggy's Cove to see what's there.

It's much smaller than Lunenburg but with about twice as many tourists milling about. There's an almost full parking lot at the famous lighthouse perched on big rocks that make for a stunning picture.

We cannot find an accessible spot but park in a normal parking spot while Letty goes out to take pictures.

While there is a tiny, picturesque fishing village here, there's not much else to recommend trying to navigate the area with a wheelchair so we continue on and back to Halifax.

Darryl Musick
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Some photos by Letty Musick
Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved

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