Sunday, July 4, 2021

The Cocktail Hour: Quincy Pub Crawl

Quincy is a town, 3,400 feet up in the Sierra, that is the seat of Plumas County in Northern California. For such a small town, it has a bit of an outsized Main Street.

We're going to spend some time at the local watering holes on a pub crawl along the Courthouse block of Main Street.

First up, Jeffrey's Pub and Grub which is really more of a diner that a bar. They do have a full bar, however, and their double-shot Moscow mules are worth a try.

Just to the east is the town's dive bar, the Plumas Club, which serves as a de facto lodge for the local chapter of the E Vitus Clampus, a hard drinking good time California historical club.

We settle into a table by the front window to take in shots of Captain Morgan, washed down with some 805 beer while talking to some genial Clampers.

Last, at the west end of the block, is the Quintopia Brewery. A nice patio sized beer garden is the setting for us to try their house-made ale and have a few of their delicious pretzels.

With this, our little crawl is over and we head back to our hotel, just a short block away.

Darryl Musick
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