Friday, November 20, 2020

A Day in the Pass - Grants Pass, Oregon

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NOTE: As this is going live on November 20, 2020, the governor of Oregon has imposed a new lockdown of at least two weeks. Indoor dining, like in the story below, is not allowed for at least another week. 

It's time to do a little exploring of our base camp here in Southern Oregon. We've got a basically decent room with a million dollar view of the Rogue River and the Caveman Bridge. It's only a few blocks from the historic downtown of Grants Pass so we'll do that today.

First, we need some breakfast. The hotel is serving a basic Continental breakfast that you need to reserve the night before, pick up in the morning, and take back to your room. We did that the first couple of days and, while there's nothing wrong with it, we want a full breakfast experience this morning.

Across the street from the hotel is the massive, three story Taprock restaurant. I see they serve breakfast so off we go. 

The street, 6th Street, is a very busy one and a direct crossing just seems too dangerous. Our choices are to walk two blocks east and cross at a signal or walk over the bridge and cross over to the other side via an underpass. We choose the bridge route.

It's a fairly empty restaurant this morning, so we get a table with a view.

Tim and I have a hearty pancake breakfast...

...while Letty goes with the eggs Benedict.

Letty had seen a shopping center with a Marshall's and a Joann Fabrics with a pub between the two of them. Tim and I could wait in the pub while she shopped. Sounded good to us so we go and let her run free. At the pub, Tim and I find it's no longer in business so we walk around bored for awhile until Letty quenches her shopping urge.

Back in downtown, we start at the center where a few thrift shops abound on H Street. Again, Letty goes to town shopping while Tim and I explore.

This time, we have better luck as we roam the streets of downtown Grants Pass. Eventually, we find the Wonder Bur bar and knock back a glass.

Letty's still shopping when we get out so we wander down 6th Street a bit, past the busy cannabis store, on to the Cowboy Store, a music shop, and end up at Grants Pass Pharmacy where an old soda fountain sits.

The young lady behind the counter makes a Coke for us the old fashioned way, by pouring syrup and carbonated water into the glass separately and stirring. Tim enjoys this authentic soda jerk mixed beverage.

When we're all back together, we head back to the hotel, about a 3 block walk. Along the way, we find an alehouse where you pick your choice of tap and they'll fill a growler for you to go. 

Next, we find a distillery next to our hotel.

It's a few sips of whiskey and moonshine. I couldn't resist taking home a bottle of my namesake 'shine.

After a rest at the hotel, it's time for dinner. We choose to go back to Taprock but will take a tour of Riverside Park, on the opposite bank of the river, first.

There's a nice splash pad for the kids to play in...

...but the park is a bit of a magnet for the homeless and drug users.

It's a nice steak dinner to end our day out.

Back at the hotel, we break into a bottle of whiskey from the distillery next door and have a toast to this pretty little town. Tomorrow, we head home.

Darryl Musick
Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved

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