Monday, September 28, 2020

Visiting the Home Front: Schwabing, Munich

(NOTE: We're trying to see different things on this trip to Munich than we did on our last trip. You might want to check out our previous trip to Bavaria to see some of the big sites we won't be covering on this trip as well)

(Please read our Covid 19 Statement first - Ed) We're getting ready to wrap up this latest edition of our Grand Tour. So far, we've seen many Cold War sites...such as the Bridge of Spies, remnants of the Berlin Wall, and former border checkpoints...along with World War II Hitler's bunker, his mountaintop hidewaway, and bomb damage in Berlin...along with some great food in Poland and the beautiful but crowded capitol of the Czech Republic (you can also click the link at the top to see other Bavarian landmarks we've visited in the past such as Neuschwanstein Castle, Dachau, the Munich Olympic Village and much more - Ed).

What we haven't done, yet, is to just chill out and enjoy our local neighborhood.

There's a great, accessible tram just a little over a block away from our hotel, the line ends at the Munchner Freihiet Station on Leopoldstrasse, the main thoroughfare for the Schwabing area.

A farmer's market is setting up at the station entrance, this trailer full of bread looks interesting.

Not quite ready to open yet, we head off down the street to see what we can find.

One note about Germany and...really, Europe in that ice seems to be a rare commodity. Letty wants to hit the stores for some shopping while Tim and I would just like to have a Coke with some ice in it for a change.

Don't judge us but we couldn't resist going to McDonald's for a nice, big, reasonably priced Coke that actually came with a scoop of ice in it - plus a side a great fries.

After this, a few blocks away, we come across this vintage Porsche.

It's a pretty residential neighborhood off of the main drag with a few little boutiques, cafes, and even this pretty little florist.

Elizabethmarkt, the quiet alternative to Viktulienmarkt, comes next.

We browsed the stands, looking for some snacks for later.

It's also a nice place to just sit back and watch the kids in the playground.

One last biergarten, the Wintergarden, provides us with a meal of wurst and potatoes before working our way back to Leopoldstrasse.

We find a gelateria where the owner speaks decent Spanish so we can get our order just perfect and enjoy some very delicious ice cream.

Back in the hotel, we enjoy our goodies from the day before one more night of rest. In the morning, it's back on the plane for the very long flight home.

Darryl Musick
Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved

Photos by Letty Musick
Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved


  1. Dear Darryl and Tim,

    Hope you enjoyed Polish food! Next time you will be in Poland - let us know. We will recommend you something special :)

    Grzesiek from

  2. The Polish food we has was among the best of the trip. We only went through a small portion of the southwest corner of Poland but were intrigued enough to want to go back and explore further in the future.