Friday, September 4, 2020

Czeching In...Arriving in Prague and a Taste of Old Town. A Big Taste!

After our detour through Poland, we flying along very well into the Czech Republic only to find the car's GPS doesn't know about the road being closed and a detour around it. It takes a little fussing with the maps and the signs in a language we don't know but we finally find our way around a stunningly beautiful but very traffic clogged drive around a very pretty lake and river back to the main highway.

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It's late afternoon when we arrive at the Hilton Prague. I present my reservation at the desk and we're introduced to the on-duty manager, a lovely woman  who says we might not be happy with the bathroom in the room we reserved.  She'd be happy to take us upstairs to show us a couple of different rooms and let us pick which one would be best for us.

Letty goes up with her while Tim and I hang out in the massive atrium lobby. A few minutes later, they're back and we finish the check-in process.

See a Video Tour of our Room!

Our room, three stories up, is very nice. Large by European standards (but about average for American tastes) has two twin beds, a queen size sofabed, a nice desk with fold-out vanity and internet connections, flat screen TV with plenty of English channels, lighted armoire with ironing board and a safe, a minibar with an empty shelf for our use, coffee, and a large accessible bathroom with a tub.

A few minutes later, the manager is at our door with a choice of two bath chairs. We choose one that is like a tractor saddle, mounts on top of the tub, and swivels to the side for easy transferring.

While pondering the lovely view of the atrium, I'm thinking this is some of the best check-in service I've every had in my life. It's a lovely hotel and the service is outstanding.

It's only a couple of blocks to walk from the hotel over to the Old Town section of the city. It's still daylight, although sunset will be soon, so we have time. We're not too tired from the drive and don't want to settle in yet.

Old Communist era trams mix with more modern models on the streets, rumbling along and we also bounce along the cobblestone sidewalks. We soon find a groove to the smoothest part of the pavement and try to stick to that.

We don't really have a plan tonight, so we just wander around, plaza-to-plaza, using the large Powder Tower as a landmark so we don't get lost.

A few alleys wander off here and there. Cozy looking restaurants hide in their nooks and crannies.  We're getting hungry.

After inquiring at a few that look good, we settle on the first one that affirms that they'll take our credit card for payment.

Thinking back to that delicate, juicy and moist pig knuckle Letty had in Poland, I order one for dinner but instead of her boneless, softball sized entrée, I get a bone-in monster that seems the size of a basketball.

It's good (but not as good as the one yesterday) and I can only make a small dent in it before I have to throw in the towel.

We wander around a bit, having a beer here and there...enjoying the exquisite old buildings, before heading back to our hotel to rest up.

Tomorrow, we're jumping in with both feet to experience what this city has to offer.

Darryl Musick
Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved

Photos by Letty Musick
Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved

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