Friday, September 22, 2017

ROUTE 66 - Desert Photo and Video Essay

Watch the Video!

Our recent tour of the American Southwest ended over a fall weekend in Laughlin, Nevada. Coming home, we didn't want to deal with the Las Vegas traffic so we detoured along Route 66 through the desert and the community of Amboy, home of the Amboy Crater.  

Here are some pictures of that journey (be sure to check out the video too, at the top of this post)...

Coming into Needles, California with the Colorado River in the distance.

Another view of the river with jet skiers having some fun.

You don't need anything fancy to have fun at the river. Just pull over and jump in.

Along the Route in Needles, I'm guessing an old hotel or boarding house.

The Amboy Crater, a near perfect cinder cone from an ancient volcano.

A close up of some of the lava field surrounding the crater.

Another view of the crater.

...and one more view of the lava spreading across the desert.

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  1. Very neat, Darryl! Looks like you had a fun vacation and saw all kinds of neat things!

  2. I love jumping in random bodies of water along the way. No rules!

  3. Back in my much, much younger days we'd get some inflatable mattresses, a floating ice cooler, and a couple of cases of beer and just float and bake here.

  4. i, too, love taking videos and photos during a road trip. keeps me awake most of the time, lots of interesting places and people to see :)