Sunday, May 3, 2020

THE COCKTAIL HOUR: Mid Priced Reposado Tequila Taste Off

In this corner, from the distillery of Tequila Sauza is Hornitos Reposado. Going stateside for around $25 for a 750 mil. bottle, it's one of the biggest selling, mid priced premium tequilas.

The contender is from the Cuervo empire, Gran Centenario. Also going for around $25 a bottle, it comes in a classic, ribbed bottle.

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Both are nice, smooth reposados aged in new oak barrels. Both are better than other popular reposados such as Familia Camarena and Cazadores but not as good as, say, Asombroso or Clase Azul.

Only one can be a winner, though. Watch the short video above as Tim joins me again on another taste off where we pick our winner of the mid-priced reposados.

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