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Hotel Hunters: Bakersfield

The Musick family frequently visits Bakersfield, California. Their usual hotel has been the Springhill Suites, where they'd get a roomy, wheelchair accessible studio suite but they're looking for something new.

"It's starting to show its age," Letty says, "and the air conditioner blows right on my side of the bed."

"Lately, they've been catering to kids sports teams and it is crowded with loud kids," Darryl adds, "and they eat all the food in the breakfast bar."

Now, the family is looking for someplace new for their weekend getaways.

Their wish list has hotel managers digging deep for that perfect room. The family gathers at Mexicali, a favorite bar, and discusses their options over a margarita.

"I'd like a suite so that we can be in one room and Tim can be in another," Darryl replies, "and it'd be nice to be close to the things we'd like to see like the Springhill Suites is."

Letty adds "the bed shouldn't be too hard and it should be relaxing."

With Tim in a wheelchair, the room needs to be accessible but doesn't necessarily need a roll in shower.

"I'd like my own TV with sports networks on it," Tim chimes in.

The budget is $100 per night.

Hotel number one is the Hilton Garden Inn. This property is right next door to the Springhill Suites so the location is perfect.  There are no accessible suites, however, only standard rooms with a king size bed and available rollaway. The room includes a roll in shower.

"Why no accessible suites?" Darryl asks.

The suites are not technically accessible but they are large and have step-free access.  

"The air conditioning system is nice," Letty notes, "it does not blow right on the bed."

The price is $135 per night.

"Whoa...that's over budget," Darryl notes, "it also doesn't include breakfast. At least at Springhill Suites, the price was lower and it included a hot, full breakfast. It's nice but we'll keep on looking."

Hotel number two is a more budget friendly property in the older part of town, east of downtown on Union. The Residence Hotel with Courtyard (formerly the Tropicana) is a recently renovated, older inn. It has accessible rooms but does not serve breakfast but with a budget friendly price of $60 per night and being next door to the family's all-time favorite restaurant, they could easily afford to buy breakfast.

"Look, hon, Los Tacos de Huicho is next door! And Mexicali [their favorite watering hole] is just two blocks away," Letty observes.

"Yeah is does fit the budget and is close to things we like but what is that guy selling out of his car?" Darryl asks, "and is that a hooker?"

Taking a chance on a property that is a bit out of their wish list, hotel number three is farther out away from downtown in the west end of Bakersfield by the California State University there.

Homewood Suites offers a full, two bedroom suite, with a bathtub, a pool with a lift, full breakfast, an in-room kitchen, and an outdoor lounge area with barbecues.  It's still a bit above budget at $120 per night but does hit a lot of of items on their list.

"I like the air conditioning and the bed is comfortable,"Letty says.

"The pool looks like fun and the in-room kitchen is nice," notes her husband, "it is kind of far from the heart of town, though."

"That's true and it's still a bit above budget," Letty replies, "but it's also a quiet area."

"They've got two TVs and sports networks," a quiet-until-now Tim adds.

With three hotels under consideration, the Musick's look at their options.

"The Hilton Garden is in the perfect location," Letty notes.

"Yes but the price is way over budget and we'd also have to add buying breakfast to that," Darryl says.

"The Residence with Courtyard is right by two of our favorite places and the price is very good," Letty says of property number two.

"Drug dealers and hookers," Darryl replies.

"Yes, why don't we cross that one off of our list."


"How about the Homewood Suites?" Letty asks.

"It is still over budget but we do get breakfast and it's a really nice room and hotel," Darryl adds, "we could make up for it by using the in-room kitchen to prepare some of our food and drink."

"It's a bit far from the action though," Letty sighs.

"Maybe but it's not a long drive to get where we'd want to go," Darryl says.

"Well, I know where I want to stay," Letty concludes.

"Me too!" Darryl adds

"The Homewood Suites!" they say in unison.

Later, the Musick's are checked in to their new hotel location in Bakersfield.

"I thought I'd be bummed at being so far from downtown but the quiet location makes up for it and the new Westside Parkway makes the drive just five minutes," Darryl says.

"Yes, and I sleep really well on the bed and the air conditioner doesn't bother me here," Letty wraps up, "the pool is also one of the best I've enjoyed, too."

"Will you two shut up?" Tim complains, "I'm trying to watch baseball!"

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