Monday, December 15, 2014

The World on Wheels 2014 Gift Guide

Don't look at this post as a shameless plea for Amazon commissions, look at it as a curated gift giving guide for the modern wheelchair traveler about town.  Get free two day delivery with your Amazon Prime account. Don't have Amazon Prime? Click the link below to get a free 30-day trial.

Now, on to the list.

Luggage Scale - It's very tough to be a wheelchair traveler and only go with a carry on bag. We always end up having to check something and with airlines baggage restrictions on weight, it helps to know ahead of time if yours meets the criteria. We use this one that you simply hook through your bag's strap and lift up.  It's saved us a bunch of fees and repacking over the years.

Overnight Toiletries Bag - This foldable toiletries and cosmetics bag has really earned it's place in our travel gear setup. It goes everywhere with us. Unfolded, you can lay it on top of the clothes in your suitcase to save room. Folded, it makes a small carryon and holds a ton of stuff.  At the hotel, just unfold and hang on the bathroom coat hook with the built-in hanger. Great little bag, can't recommend it enough.

Universal Electric Adapter - Going by the commissions we receive from it, this is the most popular product I've recommended. International travel can be a pain if you want to be connected to your electronic gadgets and they don't fit that foreign power outlet. This adapter to the rescue. Small and very handy, it works like a charm for us.

Voltage Transformer - One of the problems with traveling with a power chair in a foreign country is charging the batteries with your American charger. Lester...the company that makes just about all of those chargers...will tell you your warranty is void and you'll burn out the charger if you don't use a proper voltage transformer (unless you get a dual voltage charger). This transformer, in conjunction with an adapter, will solve that problem.

Zip Off Cargo Pants - Sometimes, you just gotta go. Wheelchair users and their caregivers often need easy access to those areas of relief. While there are pants made especially for this purpose, they are expensive indeed. We've found these zip off cargo pants, with their zippers conveniently place mid-leg, are the perfect and reasonably priced solution.

Portable Urinal - Not to get too much TMI, but it can be a pain when you have to go in the middle of a trip and you don't have a handy bathroom. This unisex (it comes with a female adapter) urinal is shaped just right for people who have to sit in a chair. Don't leave home without it.

Kindle Fire HD - Need an easy to carry, powerful little tablet to stay in touch while on the road? Amazon's Kindle provides just what we need at an easy price and fits very well in a purse, carry on, or wheelchair backpack.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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