Friday, February 14, 2020

Land of the Braves: Game Day in Atlanta

It was a very long travel day yesterday, more frustratingly long than actual time-wise long, so we slept in as long as possible. Of course, that means we would miss the hotel's breakfast hours and would have to fend for ourselves.

Luckily, when in the south, we've got a few options we don't have back home. A decent, cheap breakfast (or lunch or dinner) can always be found nearby at the local Waffle House.

So that's what we did.

Afterwards, it was back to the hotel to rest up a bit and get ready to go to tonight's baseball game where the Braves would be hosting the San Francisco Giants at Sun Trust Park.

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Sun Trust Park is the newest stadium in Major League Baseball, now going through its second year of operation in 2018. It replaces Turner Field, which was build for the 1996 Olympics, is located in downtown Atlanta, and is now home of the Georgia State Panther football team.

The new stadium is located outside of Atlanta in Cobb County. There is no good public transit to the stadium...we will need to drive and try to find a place to park.

Leaving with what we thought would be a big cushion in time to get there, we find ourselves stuck in barely-moving traffic when we get close to the stadium. There are no police officers directing traffic and it's kind of a free for all when you're trying to get close.

After following signs for the lot that had the handicapped parking, I ended up beyond the stadium and realized either I missed the last sign for the lot or that it didn't exist. We ended up paying $25 to park in a KFC parking lot and walking about a half mile back to the stadium.

Outside, a couple of faux streets have been constructed with a few restaurants and bars to give is a sort of downtown, party feel...maybe the kind it must have really had back when the stadium really was in downtown.

We make it in, find our seats by the left field foul pole, and get ready to take in the game.

As it gets underway, I go to the french fry stand directly behind our seats to get Tim an order of garlic fries. An inning later, I'm still in line and Letty has come to see if I had problems.

"No, it's just how long I have to stand in line."

About ten minutes later, I get to the counter and order. Then, I get to stand off the side for another ten minutes before I finally get the fries.

After delivering the fries, I get back in line at another stand to get our hot dogs and beer.  After a total of three innings (1/3 of the game for those of you not familiar with baseball) of standing in line, I'm finally back in my seat.

I've only missed three home runs and the scoring of nine runs in total. Not to be too concerned, though...the home team would go lose to the Giants 9-4.

It was May 4th for this game, which meant that a Star Wars theme was overlaid on the festivities, with in between inning entertainment and a special fireworks show afterward.

The Force wasn't with us, though, as we left a bit underwhelmed and saw the fireworks from a distance as we hiked the half mile back to KFC to get our car.

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Photos by Letty Musick
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