Sunday, November 24, 2019


It's Blooper Reel week here on The Cocktail Hour!  Not really, but you will see a major prop malfunction in the video below (what happens when whipped cream isn't whipped?  Find out below).

It's getting colder now and we're going to go with a hot drink.  Cold means 58 degrees mid-afternoon here in Southern California, but it's also very windy today and we need something hot if we're going to sit out on the patio.

Watch the Video!

Today, it's the Cafe de Playa, which means beach coffee in Spanish.  If you're on a cold beach this winter (which can be very fun...if you have a nice fire to sit by), this is what you need to take the chill off.  I modified this recipe from the Cafe Platino recipe on the Jose Cuervo site, and mashed it up with Giada de Laurentis' spice coffee recipe.

It came out good.  Letty liked it a little better when she added half a shot of amaretto to it which also adds 42 calories to the total.  Here's the is it's 120 calories.  Add 42 more if you use the amaretto:

1.5 oz. - - tequila
1/2 oz. - simple syrup (can substitute sweetener to eliminate more calories)
1 cup - coffee
reddi whip or whipped cream (1 tbls)
dash of ginger
dash of nutmeg
dash of cinnamon powder

Put ginger and nutmeg in coffee cup.  Add tequila and simple syrup.  Pour in coffee and stir. Put whipped cream on top.  Sprinkle with cinnamon.



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