Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Tim's latest acquisition is a model of the ship we recently cruised on. 
See some more of his collection in the video below. 

We go on vacation to create memories.  How do you remember vacations?  For us, a variety of ways.  We take pictures and videos, look for restaurants that serve the kind of food we had, and we write about it (as in this blog).

Another way is to bring home a physical souvenir that reminds you of the trip every time you see it.  Sometimes it's practical, such as the hats Tim and I bought in London.  They're great for cold weather and we think of that great British city every time we wear them.

Watch the Video!

Sometimes it's more whimsical.  Just something fun to collect as a reminder of your time away.  In the video above, Tim shows you what he collects...models of iconic structures of the cities he visits.  Click on the play button and Tim will take you on a tour of his little city.



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