Monday, August 14, 2017

Cooling Off Over the Hill - An Afternoon in Morro Bay

It's in the nineties here in Atascadero (actually, that's not too bad for mid-July here) so we're going to take a break over the hill in Morro Bay, which is in the sixties today.

It's only about a twenty minute drive on Highway 41 from Atascadero to the heart of Morro Bay. We find a good parking spot just north of midway on the Embarcadero, Morro Bay's waterfront street.

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It's always a good time to meander along the wharf's path along the water, which is a good ten degrees cooler on this side than it is on the street less than one hundred feet away. The path is not a straight line. It weaves in and out of all the shops, restaurants, and other buildings facing the water.  It is accessible to wheelchairs, though, so it's a cool...almost cold...way to wander along, businesses on one side, sea lions and otters on the other.

While it's a good way to pass the day just inhaling that salt-water air and marveling at the Morro Rock view, it helps to have a couple of other stops, too.

Rose's Bar and Grill welcomes us to sit at their long, low, boat-shaped bar with a view of the rock. The height of the bar is perfect and, as a happily coincidentally result, is completely wheelchair accessible.

Letty has their house cabernet, which happens to be from Ancient Peaks Winery in nearby Templeton.

"I've got a coupon for free tasting there," I tell her. That will come in handy tomorrow.

"Good, 'cuz this is a really wonderful wine," she tells me.

Tim has his soda while I have an Alaskan Red Ale before we continue on our way.  

Before Letty wanders up the hill to the leather shop to look around, we stop in at a bakery to have a snack. There's a fireplace going in the middle of the dining room that really isn't necessary this July day but I'm sure comes in handy on those cold, winter days like we had the last time we visited Morro Bay.

Yes, it's a short, sweet, cool little break from the heat of Atascadero over the hill but it really helps to recharge us for another day in our little cave of a room.

We'll have some more fun tomorrow.

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