Friday, July 14, 2017

Mission: Accomplished! Solvang, California - Part 3

Morning dawns in our basic, little room at the top of the dark stairs. We're hungry and we're in a town know for it's great breakfasts.

Two or three bakeries line each block. Abelskivers, little round pancake balls, are a popular specialty here but we're going traditional at Paula's Pancake House, just a couple of doors down from the hotel.

Finally, great good with matching service, Letty and I feast on the giant-but-thin Dutch pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. It's a filling and delicious meal accompanied by orange juice squeezed right before our eyes.

Tummies full, we take a drive over to nearby Santa Ynez and check out the old inn in the cute downtown. Lovely hotel and maybe a contender if we ever have another romantic getaway up here...but those are as rare as Halley's Comet at this point in our lives.

We do notice that the inn is accessible, however, so maybe a family trip might be in order?  Who knows.

Back in Solvang, we see the troops of greyhounds, and their owners, from Greyhound Fest parading east to the edge of town. We drive over and meet them on the ground of Mision Santa Ines.

In addition to being the Dutch capitol of California, Solvang is also an historic mission town with the two-and-a-half century old mission. Mass has just ended and Father Gerald Barron introduces himself to us and invites us inside to have a look around in his Irish brogue.

We get to see the basic wooden altar and the old painted walls. Back in the old days, Native Americans would stand for the entire service. Modern parishioners can use the pews.

Outside, we see the old mission reservoir next to our parking space.

At the edge is one of the prettiest views of the Santa Ynez Valley stretching out from the mission's grounds (the picture at the top).  

Letty and I pause for one last picture before packing it in and driving back home on the 101 along the central coastline.

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