Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ethnic Foods of The San Gabriel Valley: A Middle Eastern Tour

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This week we'll concentrate on the food of the Middle East, or as more commonly called around here, Mediterranean Cuisine.

To tell you the truth, it's hard for someone like me to separate the different ethnic foods of the region. It all seems like kebabs, pita bread, and hummus a lot of the time but there can be subtle difference.

Along Washington Boulevard in North Pasadena is an Armenian Food enclave, such as Garni's. Lentils and zucchini help it stand out from the rest.  

Along some stretches of Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena or on Live Oak in Arcadia, you can find the occasionally find an Iranian Food outpost such as Famous Shish Kabob in Pasadena or Tehran Market in Arcadia. We have the Persians to thank for rice pilaf.

Afghanistan may be a war-torn area but our local purveyors of Afghan Cuisine will make you a peaceful meal. Try Azeen's in Pasadena for this cuisine which branches out from the usual Med food with more Afghani foodtuffs like mantu, which is a pasta dumpling, or Smarooq Challaw, a type of chicken stew.

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