Friday, August 13, 2010

ROUTE 66 on The World on Wheels

The View from Route 66
Mt. Baldy with Azusa Canyon and the San Gabriel River in Front
March 9, 2010

We're Route 66 locals...we live just off of the it's natural that there'd be some reports on the road here at The World on Wheels.  Check below for a couple of new videos along with links to all our Route 66 content.

Summer road trip season is in full swing and what better road to trip on than Route 66.  Below are our reports from our section of the Mother Road and above is a new video of a quick little cruise around the Glendora/Azusa section of the road.  It's a companion piece to the video below, which is a demonstration of how we get around while on vacation when we have no accessible vehicle or public transit available.

Route 66 Trip report -
Part 1

Part 2

Route 66 Roadhouses

Route 66 Travel Tunes - Route 66

Route 66 Landmarks

Route 66 Links

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