Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Travel Tunes - Week 7

Willie Nelson is a well known wild man and is one of the founding fathers of country's Outlaw brand of music.  Famous for his hard living and endless days on the road, Willie put his experiences into song when recollecting a particularly hard tour with his drummer, Paul English.  It doesn't sound like it's giving too much away on the surface with lyrics like "almost busted in Loreto for reasons that I'd rather not disclose" but if you know anything about Willie, the next line does..."if you're staying in a hotel there then don't leave nothing in your clothes."  This is one of the great "lost weekend" variety of road songs, the title track of Nelson's "Me and Paul" album.

Last week I complained about the silly lyrics of  "Born to be Wild" but this week's song makes up for that.  You have the complete story by the end when you find out that they were too drunk at a show in Buffalo to even know if they went on stage or not.  This is the best video I can find of Willie performing it but it still seems like a lazy effort compared to the recording and other performances I've seen of it.  Still, you'll get the idea and if you want to here the polished result, you can download it here for 99 cents.

Without further ado, here's Willie Nelson and "Me and Paul."


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