Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Travel Tunes - Week 20

We've reached the second 10 songs in the series so the list for these songs are at the bottom.  Follow the links and you can make your own mix for your iPod or other brand-name MP3 device.  There's also a link to a list of the first 10...that's 20 hand-picked songs to pass the time with in the car or on the plane.
Picture courtesy of Wikimedia
Steve Alexander under CC-BY-SA license
This week's tune features a repeat performance by the Eagles from their Hell Freezes Over concert.  With the Eagles, you get four great song writers and four great singers.  The main body of work comes from drummer Don Henley and guitarist Glenn Frey, and sometimes the two collaborate as they did with this week's tune.  Joe Walsh is next with several entries such as Pretty Maids All In A Row and In The City.  Timothy B. Schmidt, with his high voice, throws his efforts in there too with songs like I Can't Tell You Why.

In honor of this week's Cocktail Hour, we present Tequila Sunrise from the album Desperado.
The song vaguely hints at an Eagles specialty, a guy with a girl well past his station in life trying to hold on to that tenuous relationship.  The song was writting by Henley and Frey after a night of drinking tequila and came together when the sun came up.  It's a smooth, kind of deserty feeling song that is perfect for that drive to the Grand Canyon...try it, you'll see!

The video is from the Hell Freezes Over PBS special with Glenn Frey doing the singing, enjoy!

Here's The World on Wheels second Top 10 List of Travel Tunes....

20. Tequila Sunrise - the Eagles (above)

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