Sunday, March 21, 2010

BIRD REPORT - Mar. 22, 2010

Some Items Needed for Birdwatching:
Bird Guide, A Checklist for Local Birds, and a Cold Adult Beverage
Today, we had 26 species show up on the patio-27 if you count the barn swallow I think I saw, but Letty doesn't think so.  Newcomers included the spotted towhee, who we've been hearing for a couple of weeks but only saw today, and the hooded oriole, who we first spotted during the week.  Neither got close enough for a picture but I tried with the oriole (see below).  The oriole is usually shy around us then they first show up but get increasingly brave as the season moves along.  Hopefully we'll have some good pictures soon.  A family of bushtits is also making a nest in the oak tree behind our house.  They move so quick, it's hard to get a picture.
An Epidendrum Orchid About to Open
A couple of more orchids are about to bloom.
Bletilla Orchids Almost Open
It's warmed up quite a bit to 84 degrees, not as hot as the 90 predicted, but the insects are starting to come out and bug us.  That also means the fly catchers and lizards are going to be busy.  We saw several today. 
Not a whole lot of raptors today like we had last week.
Our Meyer Lemon About to Bloom
Here's the complete bird list:
black phoebe
red tail hawk
red shouldered  hawk
house finch
hooded oriole
Allen's hummingbird
Anna's humminbird
mallard duck
mourning dove
pigeon (rock dove)
green parrot
scrub jay
tree swallow
barn swallow (?)
california towhee
spotted towhee
white crowned sparrow
acorns woodpecker
yellow-rumped warbler


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