Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Travel Tunes - Week 12

I can't really save that I love L.A.  More of a like/hate relationship.  I love the extreme variety of ethnic foods.  I hate the crowding.  I like the beaches.  I hate the sprawl.  You get the idea. 

It used to be a lot better here but overcrowding and mismanagement have pretty muched ruined a lot of what was nice here.  Although it doesn't spotlight the less savory aspects of the location, Randy Newman's "I Love L.A. " is the perfect Los Angeles song.  It hits all the right notes and should be the official song of the city.  As to the mismanagement angle, the clowns in the city council actually voted on whether to make it such...but voted it down because it does show (very slightly) some bad things in the city ("look at that bum...he's down on his knees").

Newman wrote and recorded the song in 1983 and was the big hit of his album Trouble in Paradise.  Watch the video below for a great tour of the city without having to get stuck in traffic.  Bonus: my office appears in one of the shots.  Enjoy...


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