Monday, March 1, 2010


This was more like it.  For us, a very enjoyable episode.  Chile and Argentina were stunning in their scenery.  I'd like to see that bar where, it seemed from the show's narration, that Butch and Sundance met their demise.

I keep wondering when teams will get the message RTFC! (that means READ THE CLUE).

Jeff and Jordan wasted a good deal of time trying to get the wrong guy to check their work instead of seeing that the clue said he'd be at the train station.  Apparently, the clue also said that the money bags would have the matching coordinates of their detour instructions also. 

These two missed that also. 

This team did have the best line when Jeff acknowledged on the mat that they shouldn't reproduce.

The cowboys were awesome.  I love to see a team not only do well on the race, but have fun while they're doing it.  It seemed the tension between them and the lesbian team was mostly manufactured by the editing process...there was more tension between those two ladies than between the teams.

For Team Miss South Carolina...I feel for you.  I've been there and it is not fun trying to chug along when you're sick.

Team Moms was eliminated...didn't really get a feel for that team so I won't really miss them.  Next week it's Germany and Beer.  I can't wait!


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