Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shopping with The World On Wheels

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  Here are some items we at The World on Wheels like and think would make a great addition to your Christmas gift list.

As I write this, I'm sitting in a Best Western in California's Motherlode and Letty has informed me that she forgot our toiletry bag. Dang...hate when that happens...but be sure you have a good toiletry kit available. Start with this oral care kit from Dr. Fresh. With four kits, there's enough for the whole family.

You can also get this travel kit from Donavan that includes deodorant, razor, shaving cream and more...

To carry your gear, we recommend a lightweight, folding, and hanging flat bag that you can just hang on the bathroom hook when you get to your hotel. This bag from Lewis N. Clark fits the bill.

My wife wouldn't want me to finish this list of travel grooming accessories without mentioning a good hair dryer and curling iron combo for travelers, so here you go...

That's it for our Black Friday list but we'll be back with more recommendations as the gift giving season continues.

Stay tuned...


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