Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(More) Shopping with The World on Wheels...Packing for a Road Trip

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Airfares are high, planes are cramped, and service leaves much to be desired...why not take a road trip?

Here are some great gift ideas for your road-tripping friends...

For less than $90, give the gift of never being lost again with a GPS unit with lifetime map updates.

Road trips are always easier with some cool drinks and snacks handy. The flat top of this ice chest also
doubles as a tray.

Keep your drinks cold and the mess out by using this ice blanket instead of ice. Wrap around the walls of your cooler and never see a melt puddle again.

For no mess or fuss at all, an electric cooler (that plugs into your lighter) works without ice or having to freeze your Blue Ice. Turn the plug over and it becomes a food warmer. We use this for bringing meat home on the road without spoilage.

Road trips often involve long stretches of continuous driving. If it's not your turn behind the wheel, make yourself comfortable and take a soothing nap with this inflatable neck pillow.

Finally, make those long stretches a little less boring with a massive collection of music on your iPod. This 160GB model will hold thousands and thousands of tunes to keep you awake and entertained on your way to your destination.

Happy Holiday shopping!


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