Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Travel Tunes - Week 21

John Fogerty took a 9 year break after his first unsuccessful attempt at a solo career following the breakup of Creedence Clearwater Revival.  When he finally came back with his Centerfield album, he he says..."ready to play."

The acrimony wasn't completely behind him, however, as the song Zanz Can't Dance resulted in a lawsuit from Saul Zaentz, his former manager, suing him because his new song, Old Man Down the Road, sounded too much like his old CCR song Run Through the Jungle which Zaentz owned the rights to.

This led to an ironic twist...a songwriter (Fogerty) was being sued for plagarizing himself.
Fogerty took the stand with his guitar and played some selections to the jury demonstrating that songwriters just tend to have a style.  The case was dismissed, but that was not the end of it.

Fogerty countersued for attorneys fees and at first was denied because the court determined that he had not been sued in bad faith.  Appeals were filed and went all the way to the Supreme Court, who decided that the case was indeed frivolous and awarded the fees.

This week's song is the title track, Centerfield, which was Fogerty's way of, literally, telling us he's back and wants to be put in the game.  It's one of the great baseball themed tunes and you'll here it at many ballparks.  Describing a perfect sunny day at the ballpark and ready to play, it evokes just what so many of us like about the game. Today, it serves as our song as we celebrate the opening of the season with baseball trips taken and other trips to come.  Here is Fogerty, who uses a custom made baseball bat guitar, and Keith Urban singing Centerfield.

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