Sunday, April 4, 2010

BIRDS AND BLOOMS - Groundshaking Report!

On the day of the huge Easter quake down south (luckily, it seems there are few injuries and minor damage), we had 26 different birds today.  Nothing new compared to the last couple of lists, but here's some pictures.
This is the front yard rose garden which is filled with color right now.
Out back, here is a house finch hanging out with white capped sparrows.
Letty planted some basil in our whiskey barrel.
Here's a western bluebird that Letty is hoping will move into the bird house we put up.
This is an unknown miniature single rose next to our "Mr. Lincoln" rose.
This rose sprouted up as a volunteer (a weed that you decide to keep), we figure this is the bastard child of "Mr. Lincoln."
The hooded oriole has decided he can come to the feeder while we're on the patio now.  It took three weeks for him to get brave enough.
A goldfinch gets lunch at their feeder.
And we'll finish up with a new rose bloom that is perfect for Easter.  It's called "Peace."  And peace be with you, Happy Easter.


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