Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye to Summer...Yay!

Family stresses have taken a toll and I had to take a week off of the blog. Mostly medical issues…not with Letty, Tim, or myself…but to those close to us. It’s been like that this summer. Family members in the hospital, surprise expenses, other family members losing loved ones…it hasn’t been a real fun season.

It’s Labor Day weekend and all I can think about is getting this summer of stress over with and get back to thinking about travel. Unlike many of you, we tend to avoid too much travel during this season anyway. It took us many years to get Tim through school and, now that we have, like to avoid the time when everyone else is traveling.

We’ll wait till the kids are back in school and the places we want to see are not overrun with tourists.

Besides…it’s just too darn hot.  Yesterday, the temperature peaked at 112 degrees on the patio. Bedtime temperature was 88 and this morning at 5:45am, it was 83 degrees.  All I can think of is sitting in an air-conditioned room with whatever Cocktail of the Week I’m pouring.

I’m crossing my fingers that our loved ones medical adventures will soon come to an end and no new surprises will pop up. We’ve got some good adventures, stories, and projects coming up to spice up the offerings here on this blog.

We thank you for your support, thanks for shopping through our Amazon links, thanks for buying our book, and thanks just for being there.  We hope you stick around to see the new stuff that will be coming up soon.




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