Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NEW BLOG: Musick's Music

We have a new blog to add to our family of blogs, Musick's Music.  Here is where I present some of my favorite songs and artists, along with some commentary, and...most important...links for you to download legal copies of the songs or order CDs.  (that's the important part because that's how we pay for the blog...thank you for your support)'s there to make money, but you'll get free content, free video performances of the songs and artists, and we think you'll enjoy it even if you don't buy anything.  We just ask that if you do like what you see and hear, that you use our links for purchase.  It doesn't cost you anything extra, but it will help to offset the cost of producing all of our blogs.

So come on over and enjoy some great music across the musical spectrum at Musick's Music today.



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