Friday, February 25, 2011


Ready for the Top Five?  Last week's first installment of the Top Ten are below these five.  Now, on to the Top Five most popular Cocktail Hour videos, as voted by you, our visitors...

5. Tequila Tasting with the Tios - A cross-border tequila run, followed by a tasting session at a Yuma hotel with two of our Mexican uncles and our aunt.  These guys know their tequila and it was a lot of fun filming this with them.

4. Amaretto Sour - This lower alcohol cocktail proved mighty popular with our visitors.  Note that although it is lighter in alcohol, it still packs plenty of calories.  Still, a tasty drink.

3. Belgian Beer Festival - An annual festival at Lucky Baldwin's pubs in Pasadena and Sierra Madre, California.  This video comes from the Sierra Madre location.

2. Hurricane - Our top two videos are drink recipe videos.  At number two is New Orleans favorite drink.

1. Tequila Sunrise - At number one is this classic Mexican cocktail, popular all along that country's coastline.

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Lynt under CC-BY-SA license

Here is the rest of the Top Ten Cocktail Hour Videos...

10.  White Sangria - This wine based drink has lower alcohol content than most of our recipes.  Since it's mostly wine and juice, it's not bad in the calorie count either.

9. Tequila Party at Rudy's - Each year, Rudy's Mexican Restaurant in Monrovia, California has a tequila tasting night with free-flowing agave spirits poured by reps from different distilleries.  Rudy also puts out a great buffet to keep those stomachs full. 

8. Daiquiri - Hemmingway's favorite drink.  This recipe is from the mixes or substitutes.  The result is delicious.

7. Classic Margarita - My best margarita recipe...on the rocks.  This is also the first Cocktail Hour video we ever produced.

6. Cosmopolitan - The pink drink favored by the women on Sex in the City.  Here's how to make one of your very own.

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