Sunday, February 14, 2010


Our favorite show is back on the air, here's how we saw it...
TAR 16: EP 1 (Air date 2/14/10) -
Okies! Police - best teams via first impression

UGH...Big Brother.  Leave the stunt casting alone.

Letty: "71 years old-wow"

Starting at Elysian Park…better than the LA river

Public transit…here in LA!!! Hope they know about the flyaway bus or that they read our LA transit report.

Phil: whoosh!

Good, flyaway is the quickest way..

Team Miss South Carolina is far from Unions Station.

The blue line…not the quickest way

Establishing shots are of a regular bus, not the flyaway and the gold land green lines, not the blue.

Brazilian money? For Chile? Team Okie just lost a few points with me.

LAX - the worst aiport in the world

Cool funiculars
San Francisco of South America…I had heard that Toronto was the New York of Canada…not so much

Chile is not Brazil…repeat three times

Letty is going crazy at the bad Spanish

Tightrope walking! Woo hoo

How did the teams know someone would need to not be afraid of heights?

Those shaky legs would freak me out.

Letty and Tim are getting sick of “I love you , bro”
The funicular reminds me of Salzburg

Adrian’s pretty buff

Read the clue!
Is this a detour (painting)?

It’s not too hard to find if you ask for directions

Of course the teams we like are in the back of the pack.

Pretty city but it doesn’t look too accessible.

Someone didn’t watch the Karate Kid…paint on, paint off.

Drunken, elderly person on stilts…but still a triathlete!

That’s a nasty fall for Adrian

Cord’s flying

Kind of a weird prize after the luge accident this weak.

Read the CLUE!

Breaking and painting!

Free labor for the locals

Don’t assume!

Texas? I thought they were Okies

Doesn’t the grand daughter look llike Sally Field?

Boy, they didn’t even make it to the mat!

All in all, kind of a slow first episode, but it's still the race...see you next week!

-Darryl, Tim, and Letty
Pictures courtesy of Wikimedia
Lucide under CC-BY-SA license

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