Monday, May 25, 2020

A Repositioning Cruise...San Diego, California

(Please read our Covid 19 Statement first - Ed) Repositioning cruises are for ships that change ports for the season. A Royal Caribbean ship spending the winter on the west cost of Mexico, for example, might move up to Seattle or Vancouver for the summer Alaska cruise season.

You can take a ride during this trip, usually at a great discount because you not really going anywhere spectacular, you're just moving the ship.

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Well, we're kind of repositioning. We don't want to drive all the way to our destination in Baja, which would require a six-plus hour drive from L.A., so we're repositioning to San Diego for a day to break up the drive.

Our digs for the night will be the Courtyard Hotel near the intersection of the 805 and 5 in the north part of San Diego. The hotel was clean but, of course, they didn't have the accessible room they guaranteed for us.

Oh well, it was just one night and I would be filing a complaint when I got back (which led to a corporate apology but nothing else).

Now that we're here, we drive over to the waterfront in downtown San  Diego where we're immediately crushed with tons of people, cars, and nowhere to park.

Apparently, we've stumbled onto the festivities for the Holiday Bowl and the fans of USC and Nebraska are overunning the area.

We bail out as quick as we can and head over to Old Town San Diego, an old plaza where the city originated from after the mission was built.

It's nice and we spend some time exploring, as you can see in our video above. As Angelenos, it's more like an expanded version of Olvera Street than anything else for us.

After some jokes I made to my wife about the baby Jesus in a nearby Nativity scene looking like another famous San Diego native...Jack In The Box...we take our leave back to the hotel.

Across from the Courtyard is a lonely outpost of the Karl Strauss brewery set in a very lovey Japanese garden next to the corporate headquarters of Qualcomm. 

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The food and beer are very good but the room is like a refrigerator.  The staff even resorts to brining one of the propane heaters in from the patio to make things bearable. I don't know how safe that is but we finish up and go.

The restaurant is not the only thing that's cold. Our room is freezing and no amount on the heater would fix it but in the morning, we're heading to Mexico so we soon forget about this cold night and crowded day.

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