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Davis and the Delta...Exploring California's Sacramento River Delta

Over the years, our go-to hotel in the Sacramento area has been the Hyatt House in Rancho Cordova. It's been a few other names over the years but it's still the same building, sitting across Folsom Boulevard from the Sunrise Light Rail Station.

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While the rooms and hallways could use a refresh, it's still a clean comfortable place to stay and...thanks to the Hyatt loyalty program...those several stays over the years meant the three nights here were just about free (I was just short of enough points for a three night stay so Hyatt just charged me $50 to make up for it).

(This hotel has since had a year-plus renovation and is now a Doubletree Hotel - Ed)

We've always liked the breakfast bar here, with it's cooked-to-order omelettes, even though at times we've had to jostle in with Olympic athletes or hordes of Little Leaguers competing in a tournament. The days just before Thanksgiving are quiet, though. We almost have it to ourselves this morning.

Today, we're adding a new place to our in-state resume.  Our little band of travelers have made it to just about every nook and cranny of our Golden State but we've never been to Davis before.  Today is the day.

Actually, the morning.  Davis can be the clone of Claremont, another quaint college town near us in Southern California. We wander the streets talking to shopkeepers, browsing the stores, and ending up at a gluten-free, local sourced coffee shop and a grocery co-op, picking up some snacks for the road.

Yeah, Davis can be a kind of hippy town at times.

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It's a cute town but with a heavy sense of de ja vu for us so we take our leave over to the Sacramento River Delta.

Not too long ago, my wife and I enjoyed a delicious Cabernet. My wife liked it especially. It came from Bogle Winery, which we find is headquartered here in the Delta. 

Just outside the town of Clarksburg with some breathtaking driving atop a narrow dike, we make it to the winery.

When parking, we notice the tasting room is upstairs. Quite a few of them, actually. Luckily, it doesn't take us long to find the big, two-story ramp on the other side of the building.

The wines are delicious and there are several sold here that can't be found in stores. We make a bread and cheese platter from the goodies we bought in Davis, and have a picnic with a glass of wine.

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The flat Delta views are stunning, especially with the snow-capped Sierras in the distance.

In the morning, after another delicious Hyatt House breakfast (which is included in your room rate), we head up to Gold Country to look at possible places to retire.  We look in three areas...Valley Springs, Ione, and Plymouth...and quickly decide we'd much rather move here than over the mountains in the Carson Valley.

The Amador County Motherlode seems like the place we will spend the rest of our days after retirement. Can't wait.

Afterward, we go to see all of the friendly people who, by this time, are turning more into friends in the Shenandoah wine country, where we end up at a place you'll see time after time in this blog...Story Winery.

Still our favorite winery in the state, we have a grand time visiting with the staff who treat us like family every time we go. 

Letty swaps recipes with master cookie maker Della while I make deals on cases of wine.

Of course, another picnic on the beautiful deck is in order, maybe a little more special this time because last spring, a wildfire came very close to consuming this slice of heaven on earth.

Della points out the spot where a car's hot muffler hit the dry, drought-plagued grass and started the massive Sand Fire. Dead trees and burnt ground mark the fire's path across the canyon, right up to the edge of the wines.  

We're told that this year's vintage of Sangiovese (the closest grapes to the flames) will definitely have their flavor altered from the smoke.

That's it...we're done as we've found our spot to settle down and spend another night at the Hyatt before heading home.

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