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Friday, June 3, 2016

THRILL RIDE: Highway 41 in Central California

My home state of California might be the location for some of the heaviest traffic in the country, but it is also home to some amazing backroads.

Last week, driving up by Paso Robles and Atascadero, I saw on the map that I could save about 10 miles by going from Highway 46...where James Dean Atascadero via highway 41 and skipping the detour through Paso Robles.

Watch the Video!

I'd never been this way before but what a surprise! Having the road almost all to myself, I mounted the video camera, turned on record, and captured the ride.

The video above takes you along this great and thrilling highway as we drive from highway 46 to Atascadero via highway 41.

Hope you enjoy the ride...don't go on a full stomach!

Copyright 2010 - Darryl Musick
All Rights Reserved


  1. Hi Darryl, nice video. May I know what you use to record this? GoPro? Cause the video looks real steady.

  2. David, I use a Kodak Zi8 Camcorder and attach it to a handle mounted at the edge of the windshield with a Pedco UltraClamp Assembly. Here is a link to the clamp at Amazon: