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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ACCESSIBLE ATTRACTIONS: California's Motherlode

Our ratings are...

Fully Accessible - You can access all of the attraction, with no problem, in any type of wheelchair.

Mostly Accessible - You can access most of the attraction, and all of the important parts of it, with your wheelchair.

Partially Accessible - You can access a good deal of the attraction but some parts are inaccessible and some important parts you'll miss.

Inaccessible - Kind of speaks for itself, avoid if you're in a wheelchair.

Here's California's historic Gold Rush country...

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park - Mostly Accessible. In the little town of Coloma, James Marshall discovered gold along the American River while working for John Sutter. This is where it all began. You can check out John Sutter's replica sawmill and stroll over to where Marshall found the gold. The last eight feet or so is a steep, sandy slope so you can get close but not quite all the way.

Pan for Gold - Fully Accessible. Mine tours are pretty much out for wheelchair users but many operators have accessible sluices where a wheelchair user can pan for their own gold. Pan for Gold operators

Hiking - Fully Accessible. The Independence Trail near Nevada City offers miles of wheelchair accessible hiking through what used to be water flumes used by Gold Rush miners. Independence Trail

Wine Tasting - Fully Accessible. The new fortunes being made up here are not via a rock in the ground but a berry on a vine. Outstanding heavy reds like Barbera, Temperanillo, and Zinfandel are what's up in them 'thar hills today. Many small wineries in the area still offer free wine tasting, too, especially in Amador County. Try Story, Sobon, Shenandoah for starters and hit Amador 360 where $5 (applicable towards purchase) gets you tastes of many more in one location.

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