Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Some days, I have more ideas in my head than I have time to write. Today is not one of those days. Writer's block is no fun when you've dedicated to writing a new story or two each week. 

So what do I write about? How about not being able to?

It's Wednesday, so I'd usually have one of our in-between stories...travel tips, adventures close to home, or other non-travelogue features that fit in the middle of a travel story.

Maybe I can do an a accessible attractions story but by now I don't have time to go through my notes, pictures, and research to come up with one (yes, it takes me more than a few minutes to whip one of those up). Same with a transit report.

Travel tip? Don't become a travel blogger.  Kidding...it's great, when you can think of something to write.

So this will be my adventure, close to home, of not being able to come up with anything new today.

What could I talk about? We have a ho-hum day trip up the coast the other day. Maybe I'll write about that but it wasn't the most dynamic day out we've had at The World on Wheels. It'll take a lot more digging to get some nuggets out of that one.  Maybe in the near future.

How our favorite baseball team is imploding and not making us want to go to a game? Maybe on Tim's Sports Blog...not here, not today.

I go for a walk every day.  Maybe I can get something out of that.  There, here's a picture from a recent walk in downtown Los Angeles but I'll have to spend more time to get a whole story out of that.

Nope, I just don't have a story in me today...you'll just have to do with this.

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