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Our ratings are...

Fully Accessible - You can access all of the attraction, with no problem, in any type of wheelchair.

Mostly Accessible - You can access most of the attraction, and all of the important parts of it, with your wheelchair.

Partially Accessible - You can access a good deal of the attraction but some parts are inaccessible and some important parts you'll miss.

Inaccessible - Kind of speaks for itself, avoid if you're in a wheelchair.

Here's San Francisco, California...

Alcatraz Island - Mostly Accessible. There's an accessible uphill path to climb and the ferries going over do not have accessible bathrooms on board. Other than that, you can go pretty much anywhere that is open to the public in this former prison.

Cable Cars - Inaccessible. Instead, use the accessible vintage streetcars that travel along Market Street to Fisherman's Wharf.

Coit Tower - Inaccessible.

Golden Gate Bridge - Fully Accessible. If you're not afraid of heights, you can walk across the bridge on the northbound side.

Ghirardelli Square - Mostly Accessible. You'll need to detour around a bit to get to the accessible entrance on the side.  Some parts of shops and restaurants are inaccessible due to stairs but you'll be able to see everything that's important.

Fisherman's Whart - Mostly Accessible. Again, some of the older shops may have stairs here and there but you'll be able to see most of the shops here.

AT&T Park - Mostly Accessible. Except that there's only one elevator location for fans, creating a choke point, the rest of the home of the Giants is completely accessible.

Ferry Building (market) - Fully Accessible. Can get very crowded, however.

Cable Car Barn and Museum - Fully Accessible. You can't ride the cable cars but you can visit this fascinating museum and watch all the machinery that runs the cables under the streets.

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