Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CHEAP GETAWAYS: Scottsdale on a Budget

A weekend getaway from the Los Angeles area to Phoenix or Scottsdale is easy. Just head east on Interstate 10 for a few hours, take a one hour flight, or busing it on Greyhound.

It can also be done on a budget or a "sky's the limit" stay at the Biltmore or the Boulders. We're here to tell you how on a budget. The prices below are for a high-season stay in mid-winter, if you come late spring through early fall, you may be able to get a hotel rate for half the price.

GAS - $230
It's 380 miles each way, 760 round trip, and count on another 100 while you're there (the Valley of the Sun is very spread out). Being very conservative and counting on 15 miles per gallon, that's $230 for gas. If you get better mileage and buy most of your gas in Arizona, you can probably knock a third off of that. If you fly, count on at least $70 each way from California per person. The bus starts at $40 each way.

HOTEL - $375
We stayed at a fairly expensive one, the Marriott McDowell Mountains Resort at $173 per night (including tax) or $520. You can stay at a very nice but less expensive property like the Hospitality Suites in downtown Scottsdale for around $125 per night, including breakfast.

FOOD - $255
We spent about $25 per day on breakfast and about $50 per night on dinner, with a $10 snack in between (for three people). $85 per day.

Our entertainment was hiking and free music in the bar, and exploring Old Town so nothing there.

Total for three nights...$860.

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