Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Travel Tunes - Week 3

This week, we get the Led out.  There's a couple of Led Zeppelin tunes I like for traveling.  One time, I was taking a drive through a windy little country road, between Tehachapi and Lake Isabella in California when Kashmir came on.  At the time, I thought that was just the greatest piece of music for that road.
Lately, however, when I listen to it on a road trip, speeding down a boring interstate, I notice mostly that it's repetitious as hell, so that won't do for this week's travel tune.
What does make the grade this week is the splendid Going to California.  Although, the California of this song mostly exists only in the imagination, I can see where someone would like to hop on the next plane to the coast after listening to this song.
Performed live at London's Earl's Court in 1977, this clip captures the song almost perfectly.  Also worth noting is a very good cover by the band Train, who obviously are very influenced by Zep.  See their version here.
So, now, back to Earl's Court and Going to California:


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