Sunday, September 16, 2018

THE COCKTAIL HOUR: Whiskey, Women, and Song

Well, two out of three isn't bad. You can find the song over at our sister blog, "Musick's Music." The whiskey is below.

Tim and I have had requests to do a whiskey tasting for the Cocktail Hour. This week, we come through.

We're tasting four reasonably priced spirits plus a very popular guest star.

Watch the Video!

We start with Rebel Yell, a straight Kentucky bourbon from Louisville. It's smooth and tasty. We'll use that as our base to compare the other three. Rebel Yell is available from Trader Joe's in the$11-12 range.

Our first comparison is White Rabbit from the good people of Lynchburg, Tennessee at the Jack Daniel's distillery.  It's also very tasty and smooth. Smoother that the classic Jack Daniels, if I'm remembering right.

Next, it's Red and Blackie...Johnnie Walker Red and Black labels. Although the Black is aged 12 years, we didn't enjoy either as much as the first two.

As for the special guest? You'll have to watch the video above for that one.



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